Dawn and Jack’s Enchanting Wedding: As Featured in Hello Magazine


Join us in revisiting the fairy-tale wedding of Dawn and Jack, a celebration of love that captured hearts and headlines. This exclusive feature in Hello magazine takes you inside their stunning nuptials, a day filled with unique charm and splendour.

The day began with a quaint and touching church ceremony, where the couple exchanged their vows amidst an intimate gathering of family and friends. The charm of the church setting, paired with the couple’s genuine emotions, created a magical atmosphere that set the tone for the day.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued at the Beaufort Polo Club, where the reception was held. Embracing a theme of timeless romance, the venue was adorned in shades of pink. Seasonal pink flowers in full bloom created a visual spectacle of beauty and grace. The polo club’s ceiling was dressed in lush foliage, adding to the romantic ambiance as it complemented the beautifully styled tables.

The highlight of the day was the dramatic arrival and departure of the bride, Dawn. She arrived on a horse, adding a touch of traditional elegance, and left in a helicopter, marking a grand and unforgettable exit. This mix of classic and modern elements left the guests in awe and set a new standard for wedding entrances and exits!

Every moment of this enchanting day was captured in the pages of Hello magazine, showcasing the couple’s impeccable taste and the blend of tradition with modern touches. From the breathtaking floral arrangements to the unique arrivals and departure of the bride, Dawn and Jack’s wedding was a celebration of love in its most beautiful form.

Relive the magic of their special day and draw inspiration from this exclusive Hello magazine feature, where every detail of Dawn and Jack’s wedding is beautifully chronicled for all to admire.


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A Floral Fairytale at Cornwell Manor


The Flower Girls unveiled their floral artistry against the historic backdrop of Cornwell Manor for a styled wedding shoot. This storied country estate, with its roots deep in the hunting traditions of the Cotswolds, offered an enchanting canvas, capturing the rural beauty and mature vistas of the region. Through the lens of Chris the Photographer, the team at The Flower Girls highlighted the manor’s enchanting landscape, replete with a tranquil lake, a venerable church, and a regal equestrian presence, all set against the crisp, wintry tableau that winter in the Cotswolds presents.

The Flower Girls’ envisioned and executed the shoot’s styling, marrying rich, subtle hues with the dignified beauty of lace gowns to create a vision of pastoral elegance. The floral designs were crafted with an eye for timeless beauty and the charm of the natural setting, ensuring that each arrangement was a testament to sophisticated, rustic aesthetics. Collaborating with first-class suppliers, The Flower Girls’ vision of an opulent yet authentically rustic atmosphere was beautifully realised.

Kristi from Poppy’s Events became the quintessential English rose for the occasion. She was adorned in an array of Ellie Lowe’s exquisite dresses, each enhanced by The Flower Girls’ bespoke floral details, celebrating the natural grace and sophistication of both the dresses and their wearer.

The Flower Girls worked alongside Wedding Paint to conceive a makeup look that would resonate with the richness of the season. A palette of gold and plum was employed to craft a bold yet complementary appearance, designed to blend seamlessly with the Cotswolds’ wintry landscapes. The use of warm, deep colours created a striking presence against the muted winter skies, offering a portrait of elegance that was both striking and harmonious with the surroundings. Feathers and ribbons were woven into the bouquets as a subtle acknowledgment of Cornwell Manor’s hunting heritage, adding a layered texture that echoed the estate’s grandeur.

Cornwell Manor’s noble grandiosity, nestled in one of the Cotswolds’ most picturesque locales, proved an idyllic stage for this shoot. Its legacy as a historic hunting lodge and its expanse across a 2,000-acre estate amplified the enchantment of the event. This styled shoot at Cornwell Manor was more than a showcase of The Flower Girls’ floral expertise — it was a celebration of English elegance, pastoral charm, and the innate beauty that nature bestows.


Styled Shoot / MagazineYour Glos and Wilts Wedding Magazine and Rock My Wedding.

VenueCornwell Manor.

DressEllie Lowe.